Otherwise depicts disassociated narratives from cinematic sources to indict a world of perceptual confusions that battle inner beliefs and external realities. Reflective of personal disenchantments, the blurs, overlays and ghost images metaphorically parallel a current political energy, mercurial and capricious in behavior.

Calling on vintage stereotypes of vixens and renegades, the subjects stand in for the inequitable head butting of us versus them. Their mythical existence lingers in fleeting and fuzzy moments of endearment and intuition. Weirdly nostalgic, usurped scenarios are rearranged to bring up glimpses of the forbidden and forgotten.

The paintings often pair up as sequences in time, but more obscurely as alternative outcomes that question objective and subjective experience. Without forethought, the work serves as an out of body autobiography. Initial associations are more about personal history through the flashes of buried moments and the realization that the earth is always spinning.

– Leslie Nemour