I grew up locally; hanging out at the beach and going to double features, sometimes drive ins, four of us hiding in the trunk of the car while my poker face brother smoothly navigated the yellow El Dorado Cadillac into a parking space. We watched a lot of TV as teenagers, popular sit-coms but particularly looked for old movies; sci fi and horror presented by Elvira, and the goofy comedy of WC Fields or Laurel and Hardy. I connect eras of television history with my personal biography and am transfixed by its eclectic and random nature. (“Combat” and “Wagon Train” conjures my father). As a child I was outgoing and wanted adventure. I liked to make up plays and perform for my parents and their friends when they had their cocktail parties. In contrast, as a young adult, I shook with nerves when I had to speak in front of a live audience. I am not sure what happened in between. I still love movies. But I mainly watch them on TV now. I try to engage in other programs but usually end up watching 2 seconds of every channel instead a complete show, although there are a few that have me hooked. I have been told in recent years that I have a cartoon sense of humor, that I see things in my head as they exist on TV, not in real life. Probably so.

– Leslie Nemour