RUTV represents the television as a framing device for familiar two-dimensional images. A vocabulary of icons and scenarios in the painting are reflective of the bombardment of multiple and eclectic combinations of imagery that make up the background of our lives. I am interested in the transition and translation from real life action, to film, to television, to digital photography, to drawing and then to painting; electronic media moving in a de-evolutionary pattern into the traditional medium of oil on canvas. Concurrently the work serves as an outer body autobiography as my choices become about personal history and a visual attraction to perpetual action and the almost invisible overlap from frame to frame. Disjointed movements, blurred boundaries, images between images, and other distortions lend itself to the indecisive beauty of the brushstroke and unsettled color. Reflected elements from domestic interiors such as a lamp or curtained windows, brings my physical space into a boxing ring, a beauty pageant, or a “Reality” hair styling competition. It’s like falling asleep with the television on and not being able to differentiate between the dimension of sleep and the world of television.

– Leslie Nemour